Client Services Charter 

Putting you firmly at the centre of everything we do is core to our culture and enables us to deliver a genuinely client-focused business. We do not provide off-the-shelf (or off-the-web) solutions, but offer you the benefit of a single relationship to meet your financial needs both now and in the future. If we meet or exceed your expectations, we believe that not only will you become and remain a satisfied client, but that you may also become an advocate for our services.

We aim to deliver our commitment to you by:

  • Providing highly experienced and qualified personal face-to-face financial advice.
  • Understanding your financial circumstances and objectives.
  • Focusing on your priorities.
  • Affording you the opportunity to review your financial affairs regularly.
  • Ensuring that your investments are reviewed regularly.
  • Agreeing an ongoing servicing framework with you.
  • Providing correspondence and literature that is clear and easy to understand.
  • Encouraging and listening to your feedback.
  • Ensuring that our dealings with you are always sensitive to your particular needs.

We work with your existing advisers where appropriate, and liaise with other specialists and experts as needed. Our structured advice process is designed to help our clients make informed decisions and avoid costly errors. The overriding aim is to establish and maintain trusting and mutually beneficial relationships over the long term.

You will:

  • Have a clear understanding of your personal and financial objectives.
  • Develop a sense of progress towards these objectives.
  • Have our assistance in organising your financial affairs.
  • Implement a plan which is supported by us, that is risk adjusted and targeted to help meet your objectives.
  • Have a proactive process in place to review your financial planning, and consider ongoing planning opportunities.
  • Be informed on any changes in legislation that could affect your planning.